in between: when kingdom comes to unlikely places – a wild in the hollow guest post

Very good.


Not ashamed.

We do not know much about Eve, but we do know this much of the first woman created by God and in the image of God. I have never been able to identify with this good woman, Eve in Eden, naked and not ashamed.

Good – I have been good. But never good enough. I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not clothed in shame or guilt. I cannot remember a time where I was wildly care free and more full of life than I was fear. I always did what was expected of me, and for the most part I was good at meeting or even exceeding expectation, eventually becoming an addict of achievement and accolades. If I was not achieving, what was I really worth? I feared not being worthy, not being great, not being perfect. I have spent a lifetime trying to be good enough.

Perfectionism is my forbidden fruit. Perfectionism has always been my forbidden fruit. Perfect control over my body and over my mind – this is my desire.

Please join me over at Amber’s place to continue reading and join the conversation.

Also, if you haven’t’ already, be sure you pick up Wild In The Hollow at your local bookstore or order it from of Amazon. Amber writes beautifully of her own brokenness, connecting with and coming alongside readers from across the brokenness spectrum, and offering a fresh helping of hope as we let God use our stories to make beauty from ashes. 



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