and i’m writing again

It is the first day of a new month and it happens to be my favorite month – June. I am ready to welcome a new month, a new season into my life. And with this new season, I am welcoming to my life this new writing project.Writing has always been a therapeutic healing tool for me, but as a perfectionist I really struggle with the process because many times the healing part becomes messy. I will write, but I will fail to publish.

Because perfection.

And that has been okay–my external processing does not need to be for public consumption. But right now, I do need a space for sharing.

I find value in shared experiences and exchanging personal stories. And while I love listening to and reading the stories and experiences of others, I withhold my own. For the longest time I didn’t believe that I had a story or life experiences worth sharing, but I have come to know myself better. I have been in a challenging season of transition, and with this season came an opportunity for a deeper discovery of self. While the process of self discovery is freeing and empowering, it is also painful as old wounds are reopened (including wounds I hadn’t realized were there).

I’m still recovering from years of guarding my heart. I’m learning what real is and how to communicate my reality. After all this time suppressing my feelings and keeping people I love at an arm’s length, I’m ready to feel and process and tell my story and listen to yours.

These are the words my heart carries within it.

Happy June.



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