he washed my feet; i washed his

Jesus washed each disciples feet, every one of them, even with all their faults.


I remember the moment in mine and Sean’s relationship when I truly realized and accepted that we are both individually and uniquely flawed and broken people. I remember it well–it was a humbling and healing realization that ended a season of fear and uncertainty. That was the moment that I not only felt love for Sean, but I chose to love Sean–him and all of his brokenness.

Sean and I wanted to begin our marriage with this imitation of Christ when he washed his disciples’ feet in John 13. Sean washed my feet; I washed his. This demonstration of mutual service, mutual submission and mutual love was a very intimate time for us. The ethic of mutual submission is best understood as freely taking up of the role of a servant in love to one another and it displays the underlying character of the disciple, which itself is modeled on Christ. We seek to model Jesus Christ in our love to each other and to other people. This is at the heart of Team Strehlow.


While most of my wedding day was a whirlwind, this moment was not.

Sean and I scripted our ceremony run of show, thus there were many words spoken and many words exchanged. But I believe that it was the symbol we displayed in our washing of feet that really communicated the heart of our marital union.


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