perfect people don’t change the world

The last four years of my life required quite a bit of writing, though most of it was academic. My college experience was an exceptional journey in which I navigated through faith, fear, success, failure, questions, doubts, discoveries and wonders. I would have liked to chronicle that journey more so than I did, but it would have been seemingly impossible to eloquently portray these experiences through written words. The perfectionist in me hated that. The truth is that if I were to transparently document the little wonders and the fiery ambitious passions that come from deep within, it would get messy.

But I don’t care anymore. Welcome to this disorganized mess of a blog.

I have big dreams for this. I have for the past four years, though it hasn’t been a priority to make my writings seen. I have pages and pages of saved blog posts and documents that I just didn’t bother to “publish” for public viewing. My good friend Chad Matthews has written his second book and asked me to read through it and make edits. As I read Chad’s story of a season in his life stained by fear, I began to recognize the fear that has kept me from being the writer I have always aspired to be. The fear of being found out.

But I haven’t stopped dreaming. Here’s to my place to start a conversation, in which I give myself and all others who wish to join me permission to speak freely. Just as other severely imperfect bloggers and writers have inspired me to be vulnerable and honest, to be a power of change and to be a force for good in the world, I want to inspire others through my own experiences as well as the research and essays I write on relevant issues and topics. My posts will be far from perfect, but they will be transparent–they will be me navigating through life figuring out where I come in to the giant scheme of things to make a difference.

I ache to be used.

“Whereas a girl of any age lives out the script she learned as a child–a script too often ground in powerlessness–a woman acknowledges and accepts her power to change, and grow, and be a force for good in the world. Whereas a nice girl tends to live according to the will of others, a good woman has only one goal: to discern and live out the will of God.”
– Lynne Hybels Nice Girls Don’t Change the World


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